A special rally by special kids

AIKYA SRC student volunteers participated in a smoke free Boghi rally in Nageswara Rao park, Mylapore on 13th Jan at 7:30 am. Team Everest started Social Responsibility Cell (SRC) in AIKYA school for special children, Mylapore few days back. We wanted to prove the world that special children can make a difference to this world.

AIKYA SRC student volunteers were accompanied by volunteers, AIKYA staffs and parents of the SRC student volunteers.

Everyone carried a placard that had slogans about the ill-effects of burning old things on Bhogi day.

Devarajan, Lions Club President (of Chennai & Padi) and Rajkumar, Secretary of Team Everest who was our special guest for the rally, flagged off the walk. The participants shouted slogans and walked the entire stretch of the park. As there were several enthusiastic health freaks walking in the park, the slogan ” Burn your calories, Do not burn trash” was very apt.

Everyone assembling in front of Nageswara Rao Park

Rajkumar of Team Everest and Devarajan of Lions Club flagged off the rally

Kids creating awareness inside the park. They stressed out the importance of having pollution free Boghi.

The students emphasized on not to burn tyres, plastics during Boghi.

Our Walk is really Special and Unique

We surprised the early morning walkers

They stopped playing badminton and watched the rally

The Mylapore Inspector Mr.Ethiraj took time to provide security to the kids during the rally. He also gave short speech to all the kids and the volunteers who joined the rally.

Team Everest first volunteer Kartheeban addressed the volunteers explaining about SRC and Everest Serve India goals.

Everest secretary Rajkumar gives a speech to the volunteers.

Rajkumar receives a gift from the AIKYA SRC volunteers

Ms.Parvathi Viswanathan, director of AIKYA thanked the volunteers for giving an opportunity for their school kids to create awareness to the public.

AIKYA SRC student volunteers in front of their school

Did you all get the message?

A proud parent of AIKYA SRC student volunteer holding environmental awareness placard

Breathe.. Don’t burn..

Overall, it was a great opportunity to show the world that Special kids can make a difference to this world. Well done AIKYA SRC student volunteers.

To know more about Everest Social Responsibility Cell initiative, please click here

Social Responsibility Cell (SRC)

Dear friends,

Team Everest is happy to inform you all that we launched our first Social Responsibility Cell (SRC) in Garden of Peace School in Vellore dt. 26 volunteers joined this Historic event of Team Everest.

What is SRC?

Social Responsibility Cell (SRC) is an official group headed by the School principal to inculcate & develop the spirit of volunteering among students to give back to the society. The ultimate aim is to create a set of socially responsible citizens by instilling good values among the students thus leading to a better society.

SRC offers exceptionally effective options. The students are able to create their own Club with their own vision and we have a structure to help. Team Everest will provide guidance and support, not requirements and boundaries.

How is SRC implemented in schools?

The below picture describes the structure we follow for Primary school. SRC can be implemented in any school (Primary, Middle, High and Higher sec) and colleges (Engg, Medical, Arts etc..)

Why SRC?

A country is as good as its citizens. India with a billion population have a lot of scope for volunteering. What will happen if a billion people in our country start to volunteer atleast once a month (12/365) for any good cause? The benefits are infinity. We can definitely build such a ‘Giving’ culture by teaching kids about volunteering at young age.

When a person start thinking about ‘Giving’ rather than ‘Taking’, more than half a problem in this society will diminish. SRC’s over all idea is to develop socially responsible citizens and create a Giving culture among Indians. By introducing volunteering to kids at young age, the chances of them doing good to the society when they grew up will be high!

What are the activities that students who are part of SRC do?

We have a big list of activities from which students can pick an idea and can execute in their school or college. They can even come up with their own idea to execute through SRC. The activities involve doing service within the school/college + doing service in the community too. The SRC students and staff volunteers can choose the frequency of service too. They can do it once month or once a week or even once a day!

So, what we did during our first SRC launch in Garden of Peace school. Here is a pictorial description for all of you:

We started from Chennai to Garden of Peace school

The real peace – Garden of Peace school..

Kids in Garden of Peace school

All the buildings are built by volunteers using low cost materials

Everest volunteer Jawahar introducing about Team Everest and volunteers to the school kids

Everest 1st volunteer Kartheeban gives an inspiring speech about Social Responsibility and the importance of SRC in schools..

Kids raises their hands when asked about how many have helped someone in the past

A school student explains about her volunteering activity in the past

A school student explains about his volunteering activity in the past

The entire SRC discussion happened in a very natural place..

Team Everest first volunteer Kartheean explains about the roles of SRC teachers Representatives, SRC student Representatives and SRC class pilots during his speech

Mr.Gokul Kannan, a 5th std student from Garden of Peace school becomes the 1st SRC student leader.

Miss.Priya, a 4th std student from GOP school becomes the first SRC student secretary.

Volunteers introduce the SRC class pilots to the school students by honoring them with a badge. Here is our SRC class pilot for 1st std Miss.Fathima in the picture..

Volunteers introduce the SRC class pilots to the school students by honoring them with a badge.

Kartheeban explains about how students at young age can make a difference to our society without spending money!

Our 1st SRC student representative batch from Garden of Peace School

Our 1st SRC student head and SRC Student secretary posing for our camera.

Everest volunteers discussing about the SRC action items with SRC student and teachers representatives

Volunteers who joined our first Everest Social Responsibility Cell (SRC) launch…

Let us join hands to create more SRC’s across India and teach out future generation about GIVING. Interested to refer a school or college o start SRC, please mail to info@teameverestindia.org