iMAD – Idea of the Fortnight (July 01-15, 2012)

Write a thank you note / email to someone who offers you a service
It can be your maid, driver or admin person in your office…

Let us thank those people who offers us a service and make their day cheerful.

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. - William Shakespeare

Share your MADness to inspire others and also to let us know the impact we have created together. Read our blog post to know how you can share your MADness.

Happy volunteering to all.

*iMAD – ‘Ideas to Make a Difference’ or ‘I can Make a Difference’. Read about iMAD here.

1327 monitors switched off in a fortnight

Dear All,

Thank you for the tremendous response for the Everest Serve India iMAD-Fortnight initiative. iMAD means ‘Ideas to Make a Difference’ or ‘I can Make a Difference’. Team Everest have launched the iMAD-Fortnight initiative to promote volunteerism and make a difference through simple ideas.

After launching our first iMAD-Fornight idea, 1327 monitors have been switched off by various volunteers to save power. Thanks to all the volunteers who Made a Difference.

Few volunteers after switching off the monitors, have made a hand written request to switch off the monitors as well.

One of our volunteer have used her drawing skills to create awareness:

Voice of Volunteers:

When I switched off a monitor, one of my friend asked whether is it me who switched of his monitor too? I told Yes.. Hopefully he will start switching off his monitor from tomorrow – Dhanala

Switched off 14 monitors today which is less than the yesterday count of 25 - Devarajan

I’m in night shift and I switched off 23 monitors while leaving at 6AM -Sukumaran

Thanks to all the volunteers who Made a Difference.. We encourage the volunteers to share their MADness with us to motivate others to do the same. Learn how you can Share your Madness here.

iMAD – Ideas to Make a Difference

Dear Friends,

One of the important goals of Everest Serve India initiative is to motivate and educate people on
  • the importance of volunteerism
  • the simple ways to make a difference (MAD)

To achieve this goal, Team Everest has been working on a book which offers you a whole list of simple ideas to help others without money or with little money. We call this book iMAD’ – Ideas to Make a Difference.

We have decided to pick one Idea from this book each fortnight and promote it so that all of us can implement it to make a small difference in this beautiful world. You will get our MAD idea of the fortnight (iMAD – Fortnight) starting this month.

What is iMAD – Fortnight all about?
  • Team Everest will share an Idea every Fortnight from iMAD via email, blog , facebook and twitter.
  • We will encourage volunteers to execute the idea sometime during the 2 week period by creating awareness on the idea and by promoting it.
  • Volunteers who have executed the idea can share their experience by commenting in Everest blog, blogging the experience, share it in Facebook or twitter.
  • We will publish the number of people who have executed the idea with interesting details at the end of every 2 weeks.

Each idea is very simple to act upon by anyone, but has the power to spread the fragrance of kindness across and create a ripple.

iMAD also means ‘I can Make a Difference’ in addition to ‘Ideas to Make a difference’.

Get ready to create a whole new world of kindness, one small step each fortnight…