One Small Step Closer for a Cleaner India

When we see pictures of foreign places with clean roads, green lanes and swept streets, its always crosses our minds that how come our city/town/village can’t be like that. But in truth even our small villages can become a beautiful place. But it’s all in our hands. It’s a very common phrase that we hear, “Charity/cleanliness starts at home”. And iMAD is implementing it in this very scenario.

One volunteer made this illustration.

Every day we are walk down the streets, let’s throw trash into trash bins, make our own streets clean. Just cleaning the streets won’t solve the problem, we have to stop littering too. People around us will also acknowledge it and before you know it they will also start doing it. Dustbins and trash cans are installed everywhere, so all one has to do is just pick it up, find the closest trash can and dispose it there.

The response from many volunteers was astounding. While some picked up trash, with other bystanders also helping, another made awareness by illustrations

Removed 6 trashes this fortnight– Gunasundari

Illustration done by one volunteer to create awareness on Cleaning Trash

Once again we’ll like to thank all volunteers who became a part of iMAD.We encourage the volunteers to share their MADness with us to motivate others to do the same. Learn how you can Share your Madness here.

202 Notes of Gratitude

Acknowledgement of a persons service is the best gift one can get however small it may seem. This fortnight iMAD decided to tap that one concept to make the world a little brighter and happier. Convey it in words, pictures and not to forget with a smile is all one needs to do! Then stay back and let the magic do the rest.

In the Garden of Peace School in Vellore, TN. with streaks of color and words the students put forth a staggering 122 thank you cards which they gave with a smile to the people in their village :D  

One of the volunteers helps out the kids in making their TY cards.

Full of their creativity and gratitude the kids display the cards they made that will reach to across their villages.

Volunteers Thanked the Garden of Peace founder and School staffs with one of the TY cards.

Many grownups, instead of passing on their business cards, it was thank you cards that they gave. 8 volunteers gathered together to make Thank You card for others. Here is what they have made:

 Volunteers who made the Thank You cards:

One of the volunteer thanked the servent who cleaned the table where he had his breakfast

One of our volunteer emailed her admin services to thank the lady who serves her coffee everyday.

“Thank You Akka!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ‘AKKA’ who serves coffee @kumbakonam coffee counter in Ground floor cafeteria.

She always welcomes us with a warm smile and she asks coffee/milk and then she gives us saying ‘coffee madam/sir’ Her patience, handing those hot things with care and
Managing to serve us with a warm smile are simply great!! Just wanted to ‘THANK’ her…. &I do everyday”

Thanks through MS paint by a volunteer.

All in all in these two weeks there was a distribution of 202 thank you cards from all age groups and not to mention all the countless Thanks that has been spoken to all the people who were not just doing their jobs, but contributing to a better good in society.

Last but never the least We Thank all the volunteers who became a part in iMAD fortnight knowingly and unknowingly :) . We encourage the volunteers to share their MADness with us to motivate others to do the same. Learn how you can Share your Madness here.