One Small Step Closer for a Cleaner India

When we see pictures of foreign places with clean roads, green lanes and swept streets, its always crosses our minds that how come our city/town/village can’t be like that. But in truth even our small villages can become a beautiful place. But it’s all in our hands. It’s a very common phrase that we hear, “Charity/cleanliness starts at home”. And iMAD is implementing it in this very scenario.

One volunteer made this illustration.

Every day we are walk down the streets, let’s throw trash into trash bins, make our own streets clean. Just cleaning the streets won’t solve the problem, we have to stop littering too. People around us will also acknowledge it and before you know it they will also start doing it. Dustbins and trash cans are installed everywhere, so all one has to do is just pick it up, find the closest trash can and dispose it there.

The response from many volunteers was astounding. While some picked up trash, with other bystanders also helping, another made awareness by illustrations

Removed 6 trashes this fortnight– Gunasundari

Illustration done by one volunteer to create awareness on Cleaning Trash

Once again we’ll like to thank all volunteers who became a part of iMAD.We encourage the volunteers to share their MADness with us to motivate others to do the same. Learn how you can Share your Madness here.

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One thought on “One Small Step Closer for a Cleaner India

  1. I too am trying to do this in my own area , i have tried keeping trash bins at the end of every road and also picked up trashes where ever i see it and put it in the bins . still trying to urge more people in this work . hope so soon we see a cleaner india

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