Everest Drawing Contest-2012

When you look at a picture it invokes lot of emotions and conveys a lot of meaning. Sketches and paintings become masterpieces when they bring out the concepts of an idea with streaks of the pencil and strokes of the brush.

Now an opportunity is open for you to wake up the sleeping Picasso in you all for a worthy cause. Take part in Everest Day Drawing contest which is organized as part of Everest 6th anniversary and fill your canvas with the colors of volunteering and make a difference.

Theme: Volunteer atleast once a month

Last Date: Oct-13, 2012

Contest Guidelines:

  • Theme for the Everest Drawing contest is ‘Volunteer atleast once a month’
  • A participant can send a maximum of 5 entries only.
  • The competition is open to all national participants of all age groups (Indians).
  • Art work can be made in any medium, like Water Colors, Pastels, Charcoals, Pencils, Acrylic, Crayons, Paper Cuttings, Oil paints etc. on any type of Paper or Canvas Sheet
  • The size of each entry should NOT be less than 30 x 40 cm in size.
  • Your art work should not have won any award earlier
  • The Everest art committee reserves the right to accept or refuse any art without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • Last date for submission is Oct-13, 2012
  • Results will be announced on Oct-20, 2012
  • Original art drawing should be produced on demand. Entries will not be sent back to the participants and will belong to Team Everest
  • Participation in the contest implies acceptance of these Rules and Regulation.
  • Decision of the Everest art jury shall be final and binding all parties.

How to Participate?

  • Theme for Drawing contest: ‘Volunteer atleast once a month’
  • Take a clear picture of your art work.
  • E-mail the Picture to info@teameverestindia.orgwith below details:
      • Your Name:
      • Your Email ID:
      • Your Phone Number:
      • Alternate phone no along with person name:
      • Place you live:
      • Caption (Not Mandatory):
  • Make sure the image which you are sending to us should have min size of 1024×768(landscape)800×1024 (portrait).
  • If your art qualifies for the contest, it will be shared in our facebook page www.facebook.com/everestserveindiawithin 3 days of receiving your mail.
  • Share your art work from our album ‘Team Everest Drawing contest-2012’ with your friends and increase the ‘Likes’. For every Like a drawing gets, Rs.10 will be added to the Total Prize money. Read ‘Details on Prize money’ section for more details.
  • The judgment will be made by a panel of judges and it has nothing to do with by the number of likes a drawing gets in the facebook.
  • For any queries, please write to info@teameverestindia.org

Details on Prize money:

  •  The prize money can be utilized only for a social cause related to Education.
  • Prize money will not be given as cash. The winners need to identify a cause of their choice within India and Team Everest will directly sponsor for that.
  • The total prize money will be calculated based on Base Prize + (Likes fund/3) have got.
  • Base prize money for Team Everest drawing contest-2012 is as follows:
      • 1st prize -> Rs 10,000
      • 2nd prize -> Rs 7,000
      • 3rd prize -> Rs 5000
  • Likes fund = Sum of no of Likes each drawing has got * Rs 10. Maximum cap for ‘Like’ Fund = Rs 75,000.
  • Here is an example on how the total prize money is calculated:
      • Say 50 drawings have been received for this contest which will be uploaded in Everest Serve India FB page
      • If each drawing get 50 likes then for 50 drawing, we will get 50*50 = 2500 Likes
      • Now, Likes fund = 2500 Likes*Rs10 = Rs 25,000.
      • Now 1st prize = Base prize money + (Likes fund/3) = Rs 10,000 + (Rs25,000/3) = Rs 18,333.
      • 2nd Prize = Base prize money + (Likes fund/3) = Rs 7,000 + (Rs25,000/3) = Rs 15,333.
      • 3rd Prize = Base prize money + (Likes fund/3) = Rs 5,000 + (Rs25,000/3) = Rs 13,333.

All the best for the participants.

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19 thoughts on “Everest Drawing Contest-2012

    • Thanks for participating Surya. Your drawing should revolve around the theme. It should motivate a person to volunteer atleast once a month! That’s the idea behind this theme.

  1. My som and daughter are interested in thus competition, but they could not understand the theme. Could you please explain. They are 7 and 10 years old.

  2. Hello,

    My son is 9 years old and he wishes to participate. I am not clear about the theme. Please explain about the theme and send to my mail id.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S. Muthuselvi.

    • The size of your drawing should NOT be less than 30 x 40 cm in size. After drawing, the photo you take to send the entry should have min size of 1024×768(landscape), 800×1024 (portrait). This is a system size. If you have a digital cam and take photo of your drawing. Typically, the size of the photo will be more than this.

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