Everest Photography contest-2012

Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, every moment and emotion is frozen. Each photo has a story to tell. Freeze that moment in time and capture the tale that will ignite the world with inspiration to Make a Difference.

Switch on the flashlight, Focus your lens and let your camera works its magic! Your photograph may be the one that will focus to touch a thousand hearts and inspire. Be part of Everest photography contest-2012 which is organized as part of Everest 6th anniversary.

Theme: Make a Difference

Contest Last date: Oct-13, 2012

Contest Guidelines:

  • Theme for the Everest photography contest is ‘Make a Difference’
  • A participant can send a maximum of 5 photographs only.
  • Photographs must be in digital format
  • Post-Processing to an extent is acceptable. Unprocessed photo should be produced on demand.
  • Photographs must not contain obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content.
  • Photograph should not have won any award earlier
  • The Everest photography committee reserves the right to accept or refuse any photo without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • Last date for submission is Oct-13, 2012
  • Results will be announced on Oct-20, 2012
  • Participation in the contest implies acceptance of these Rules and Regulation.
  • Decision of the Everest photography jury shall be final and binding to all parties.

How to Participate?

  • Capture the moment under the theme ‘Make a Difference’
  • E-mail the Picture to info@teameverestindia.orgwith below details:
      • Your Name:
      • Your Email ID:
      • Your Phone Number:
      • Alternate phone no along with person name:
      • Place you live:
      • Where was the picture taken:
      • Caption of the image:
  • Make sure the image which you are sending to us should have min size of 1024×768(landscape), 800×1024 (portrait).
  • Remember to add an appropriate caption to your photograph
  • If your photograph qualifies for the contest, it will be shared in our facebook page www.facebook.com/everestserveindia within 3 days of receiving the photograph. Share your photograph from our album ‘Team Everest Make a Difference Photography contest-2012’ with your friends and increase the ‘Likes’. For every Like a photo gets, Rs.10 will be added to the Total Prize money. Read ‘Details on Prize money’ section for more details.
  • The judgment will be made by a panel of judges and it has nothing to do with by the number of likes the picture gets in the facebook.
  • For any queries, please write to info@teameverestindia.org .

Details on Prize money:

  • The prize money can be utilized only for a social cause related to Education.
  • Prize money will not be given as cash. The winners need to identify a cause of their choice within India and
  • Team Everest will directly sponsor for that.
  • The total prize money will be calculated based on Base Prize + (Likes fund/3) have got.
  • Base prize money for Team Everest Make a Difference Photography contest-2012 is as follows:
      • 1st prize -> Rs 10,000
      • 2nd prize -> Rs 7,000
      • 3rd prize -> Rs 5000
  • Likes fund = Sum of no of Likes each photo has got * Rs 10. Maximum cap for ‘Like’ Fund = Rs 75,000.
  • Here is an example on how the total prize money is calculated:
      • Say 50 photos have been received for this contest which will be uploaded in Everest Serve India FB page
      • If each photos get 50 likes then for 50 photos, we will get 50*50 = 2500 Likes
      • Now, Likes fund = 2500 Likes*Rs10 = Rs 25,000.
      • Now 1st prize = Base prize money + (Likes fund/3) = Rs 10,000 + (Rs25,000/3) = Rs 18,333.
      • 2nd Prize = Base prize money + (Likes fund/3) = Rs 7,000 + (Rs25,000/3) = Rs 15,333.
      • 3rd Prize = Base prize money + (Likes fund/3) = Rs 5,000 + (Rs25,000/3) = Rs 13,333.

All the best for the participants.

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31 thoughts on “Everest Photography contest-2012

  1. Hi,
    Whether the Photograph should only be related to Social service, orphanage, etc……!!!
    Or, anything based on making a difference..!

    • Thanks for your comment Deepak. Last date for photo submission is Oct-13. We recommend that You hold on the photos till Oct-13th and send all the 5 on same day. We cannot replace photos which you have submitted already. A volunteer can submit a maximum of 5 photos.

  2. This is the best thing I ever found….. I like this contest and dfntly I will post my images for this social cause….

    All the best for all the participents :)

  3. Hi All, Brilliant Idea just love it. I too belong to an organisation called Ladies Circle India. We too focus on educating the underprivileged children. “Educate To Enlighten” is what we believe in. I could help identify projects with respect to education. kindly contact me. I am from Bangalore. Hope to receive support from the prize winners.

  4. Heyy Karthee & Team,

    Again, a good initiative for a good cause. Proud to be a part of it again :)
    Keep going. I have posted my entries :) Happy that, my vision is serving for a good cause… All the best for the other participants too.

  5. Hi Team,

    I have sent my entries to the photography contest but havent got any reply. I checked in your page its not yet uploaded. can you please tell me why?? thanks

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