iMAD – Idea of the Fortnight (August 1-13, 2012)

Not in touch with a friend for a long time? Why not bring a smile to their faces and renew friendships with an email or call.
Send a surprise e-mail to your friend whom you have not contacted for a long time.

Share your MADness to inspire others and also to let us know the impact we have created together. Read our blog post to know how you can share your MADness.

Happy volunteering to all.
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2 thoughts on “iMAD – Idea of the Fortnight (August 1-13, 2012)

  1. I have called my friend Lincy:-) She was so happy and surprised! We shared about our work life. And also spoke about our days from “college days with delight and enjoyment where we have no big responsibility except going to college” has been changed to “work life with lot of responsibilities”. We both felt very happy:-)
    Thank you iMAD for making us happy:-)

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