iMAD – Idea of the Fortnight (August 16-31, 2012)

Have you thought about thousand of villages that don’t have electricity? Losing temper when there is no power for long time during summers? Electricity has become one of the key needs in this modern life.

For few, they get it in abundance… For many, it is scarce and luxurious. Moreover, electricity generation has ended up in warming our mother earth more.

Lets switch off all the power appliances for an hour every week and save power for those who do not have it.

This is our iMAD idea for the fortnight – ‘Have a Power Free hour. Switch off all appliances in your home for an hour and save power.

Share your MADness to inspire others and also to let us know the impact we have created together. Read our blog post to know how you can share your MADness.

Happy Volunteering to all!

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2 thoughts on “iMAD – Idea of the Fortnight (August 16-31, 2012)

  1. This is really a good thing that everyone in this generation have to follow.. I followed and keep switching off the Lights and other electronic goods. Just to update, I avoid using Air Conditioner in my room this month to save some eletricity saved atleast as a minimal contribution.

    Also in my office if i am the last person to leave, will have the Switches turned off.

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