Share your MADness

Dear Volunteers,

Thanks for being part of Everest Serve India iMAD initiative. Thousands of volunteers are now involved in doing a small act of kindness every fortnight.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted – Aesop 

We might not know what difference you made unless you tell us. In this social networking world, we have a lot of ways to share what one does. Why not share the MADness you do every fortnight and inspire others to do it?

Sharing your MADness:

Facebook – You can share the MADness by updating your FB status. You can post pictures/videos of your kind act if available. Remember to tag EverestServeIndia FB page while you update your FB status so that we get to know about your MADness.

To tag the page, type ‘@everestserveindia’. Then pick the page ‘Everest Serve India’ from the dropdown menu that appears.

Twitter – Tweet your act of kindness by replying to ‘@serveindia‘ . Also use the tag #iMAD while tweeting about your MADness. Your 140 characters can inspire your followers to Make a Difference.

Blog – You can either blog your experience or share it as a comment in Everest Serve India blog.

  • Blog MADness – If you have your own blog, write about your iMAD experience and share the blog post’s link in your FB or Twitter account by tagging the ‘Everest Serve India’ page. You can also share your blog post link as a comment in our iMAD – Fortnight blog post or email it to
  • Comment your MADness – You can just share your iMAD experience as a comment in our iMAD – Fortnight blog post. Every fortnight, we blog the MAD Idea for the fortnight and you can comment your iMAD experience in it.
Mail – You can also mail your iMAD experience to

Let the goodness spread across, inspire more people and let us make this world more beautiful than now.

MAD… Spread.. Inspire…

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