C4C-2012 Results

Dear all,

We got great response for Contest for a Cause-2012 initiative which we launched as part of Team Everest 6th anniversary event. Thanks to all the volunteers who took time to make a difference.

Here are the results for C4C-2012. For all contests, theme has been given higher importance than other parameters.

C4C-2012 Photography (Theme: Make a difference)

All photos received for the photography contest can be seen here.

3rd prize: Pranav O from Chennai

What can I give 

 2nd prize: Sourabh Kauri from Kolkata

Make a difference

1st prize: Vishal Tomar from Mumbai

Love-Make a difference

Special Mention: Vignesh S from Coimbatore

Education – The light at the end of the Tunnel

Special Mention: Manish Dilip Patil from Mumbai

Avoid Child labor

C4C-2012 Drawing (Theme: Volunteer atleast once a month):

All drawings received for the drawing contest can be seen here.

3rd prize: Anitha Karuppiah from Chennai

Volunteer atleast once a month

2nd prize: Aarthi Murugan from Chennai

Volunteer atleast once a month

1st prize: Parama Sakthi P from Chennai

Volunteer atleast once a month

Special Mention: Surya Padmanaban from Chennai

Volunteer atleast once a month to educate a child. Stop Child Labor.

Special Mention: Vishnu P from Kozhikode, Kerala

One Boy, One Dream

Short Movie (Theme: Power of One):

All movies received for the short movie contest can be seen here

3rd prize: Rajeesh Thampi P S from Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu

Helping Hands are better than Praying lips – Click here to see the video.


2nd prize: Ravikumar S and Team from Chennai

The Speaking Eyes – Click here to see the video.

1st prize: Krishnakumar C from Chennai

Start from You – Click here to see the video.

Special Mention: Vigneshran R S from Chennai

Clean India – Click here to see the video.

Special Mention: Sanya Bolia from Mumbai

The power of 1 – Click here to see the video

Special Mention: Subhradeep Saha from New Delhi

Life before birth – Click here to see the video

Special Mention: Manish Gupta from Mumbai

A Gift of Life – Click here to see the video

Story Contest:

The selected stories will be printed as a book after getting more stories from volunteers and distributed to teachers to motivate them.

As mentioned in our C4C-2012 guidelines, Team Everest have donated Rs 10 (Max of Rs 75,000 per contest) for each Likes that the photo, video and drawing got on our Everest Serve India face book page. And, here is a summary of C4C-2012 initiative:

Congrats to all the winners and participants. The idea behind Contest for a Cause-2012 is to spread the message of ‘Volunteering’ to a much bigger audience.

You all helped us in exactly doing that. Thanks to everyone. Let us volunteer to make a difference..

We will be back in 2013 with more contests for a cause! Happy volunteering!

Our Websites: www.teameverestindia.org , www.everestserveindia.org

FB Pages: Team Everest , Everest Serve India

Twitter accounts: @teameverest , @serveindia

iMAD – Ideas to Make a Difference

Dear Friends,

One of the important goals of Everest Serve India initiative is to motivate and educate people on
  • the importance of volunteerism
  • the simple ways to make a difference (MAD)

To achieve this goal, Team Everest has been working on a book which offers you a whole list of simple ideas to help others without money or with little money. We call this book iMAD’ – Ideas to Make a Difference.

We have decided to pick one Idea from this book each fortnight and promote it so that all of us can implement it to make a small difference in this beautiful world. You will get our MAD idea of the fortnight (iMAD – Fortnight) starting this month.

What is iMAD – Fortnight all about?
  • Team Everest will share an Idea every Fortnight from iMAD via email, blog , facebook and twitter.
  • We will encourage volunteers to execute the idea sometime during the 2 week period by creating awareness on the idea and by promoting it.
  • Volunteers who have executed the idea can share their experience by commenting in Everest blog, blogging the experience, share it in Facebook or twitter.
  • We will publish the number of people who have executed the idea with interesting details at the end of every 2 weeks.

Each idea is very simple to act upon by anyone, but has the power to spread the fragrance of kindness across and create a ripple.

iMAD also means ‘I can Make a Difference’ in addition to ‘Ideas to Make a difference’.

Get ready to create a whole new world of kindness, one small step each fortnight…